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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Really, it's ok to let go.

I gained Friday (granted it was the first WI since the conference, so 2 weeks since last WI). I'm under the impression my body just does not want to let go of the pounds.

Ok, I know that's silly. I know the mistakes I made:

1. I didn't get all the 8hg's in everyday.
2. I went over points
3. I consumed oh so delicious Reese pieces and fudge. I counted it all. But refer to point #2.

Things I did right...
1. Worked out at least 5 days this week.
2. I started The Shred again and have stuck with it. On Level 1 Day 4.
3. I consumed all the recommended water I should everyday.
4. I restricted my self to drinking 1 glass of red wine a total of 2 nights.

Another up beat happening:

I had a great NSV last night. The boyfriend and I went to Olive Garden for supper. I got the salad with dressing on the side (I forgot that they do have low-fat dressing). I ate 2 tablespoons of the regular dressing between 2 bowls of salad. I ate 1/2 a breadstick. A HALF!! I used to consume as many as I possibly could. I got whole wheat linguini (sp?) with marinara sauce. Ate HALF of it and put the rest in a box. I was so amazed at myself. I think that's a time I'll always remember and reflect back on what will power I had. Seriously, I didn't know I could do that. It felt so good to walk out of there full, but not stuffed knowing what great choices I'd just made.

That NSV projected me into this week. I've counted everything thus far. I am having a few beers tonight while watching the Yankees game, but I already went to the gym and continued on with the Shred today. I've got great motivation as of now. I hope I keep it going all week and get a great reflection on the scale :-D


Starting Weight: 245
Height: 5'8"
Age: 23

Current Weight: 199.7

Mini Goals:
[X] 200 Pedicure and Haircut
[ ] 190 New Running Shoes
[ ] 180 New Outfit
[ ] 170 Coach Purse

Ultimate Goal Weight: 170


curiouskitty said...

i just recently spotted your blog and was inspired i really want to lose weight myself and i just wanted to tell you congrats for all your hard work!

Ashley said...
is the new link to access my blog a little bit of everything!!